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Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Family Christmas Appeal

It’s almost Christmas and a homeless mother is knocking at the door of Depaul’s family service…

It’s a young woman. She’s very pregnant. She has a small child at her side. Her eyes are haunted, ringed by dark shadows. The little boy stares at the ground. Everything they own is in one carrier bag. Neither of them is wearing a coat. The child wears slippers. No socks. There is no time to waste. No questions are asked. I say, ‘Come in, have a cup of tea. Get warm.’

Christmas is just around the corner. Sarah’s baby could arrive any time now. And in keeping with Depaul’s ethos of never giving up on anyone, of course I say “Yes” to her plea for a home with her children.

But while I say Yes with love in my heart, there is a heavy weight on my shoulders. We are almost full to bursting. How can we afford to give another family a home?

The answer is with your gift. A gift from you this Christmas will help guarantee a home.

After a few days in the centre, Sarah’s son will not be the quiet, huddled little thing I see in front of me now. He’ll be running round with the other kids, putting decorations on the tree, writing notes to Santa and generally creating mayhem like happy and excited children should do.

Sarah will able to potter about in her own kitchen. Plan meals. Manage her little money. Relax for the first time in a while and wait for her baby to arrive.

The family will smile more. The hunted, haunted look will disappear from their eyes.

On Christmas Day the children will get little presents. But their mothers know they already have the greatest gift - a safe home where they are all together and with a happier future in front of them.

Donate now. 

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