Emergency Appeal | Depaulcharity

Emergency Appeal | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Emergency Appeal

Michael's Story

When Michael found himself homeless, he felt truly alone. He was in his late fifties and had lost everything. His first night sleeping on the cold damp streets was one he will never forget.

"I will never forget it. Even though it was desperately cold that night, it was the loneliness that really got to me. I felt lost. I tried to make a bed from a small blue sleeping bag but I didn't sleep a wink. I was 58 and on the streets. How had I gotten here?"

He went on, "When you're homeless, no matter how much you wrap up - the cold stays in your bones".

A dark empty night-time street is no place to sleep. The ground is hard and damp. When it rains, the water seeps into everything. A bed of concrete and cardboard. A sleeping bag like a cold, wet sponge.

Michael is safe and warm now in a Depaul Hostel. He will get the support that he needs from Depaul to move on from homelessness and work towards a more positive future.

In 2016, 3620 people like Michael came to Depaul for help.

You can be part of a warm welcome by giving a gift today. Your gift will make sure there'll be an open door, compassion and kindness at Depaul every day and every night this winter for people like Michael.

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