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Student Placements | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Student Placements

Depaul has a number of placement opportunities across all of our services which generally follow the academic calendar for third level students and align to our general recruitment rounds for volunteers.

For their placement, students are offered the opportunity to become a voluntary member of the Depaul team at a particular service.

The commitment for this role varies depending on the needs of the Service and the requirements of the placement. In the past, our services have favoured placements of a longer duration as this allows students to be fully inducted and trained before settling into the role. It also aids their learning as it allows them to build a professional relationship with the staff and volunteer teams, as well as with service users.

Before applying for a student placement with Depaul, please read through the Student placement policy and FAQ.

We also accept overseas placements & Volunteers through programmes such as Erasmus+

Hear from one of our previous student placements

"I am studying Social Work in Paderborn (Germany) and within my Studies I have to do two Placements to gain practical experiences and to make a connection between my studies and the work in a practical field of social work. I wanted to use the chance to not only get practical experiences in a new work field but also do go abroad to improve my English.

I definitely wanted to try out a new field which I haven’t worked in yet, as this was my last placement within my studies. I didn’t know what to expect or how it would be like to work and live in another country but I was looking forward to a new Challenge.

I am really glad that I did my placement in Sundial House. The Team in Sundial House is great and you get regularly Supervision sessions which I find very important. Before I started in Sundial, the Volunteer Coordinator informed me about Depaul’s Services and prepared me for my first Day in Sundial House.

I was mainly focusing on onsite activities with the residents during my Placement. New Ideas for activities were always welcomed by the Managers and the Staff and they always tried to make sure that I have the resources and help that I needed to carry out the activities. My Supervisior also helped me to achieve my Objectives and requirements that I had for the placement from my University and generally helped me to deal with difficult situations and to reflect my own work.

After my first few weeks in Sundial, the EVS (European voluntary service) started and I had more support with the activities and work in general, which was great!

I’ve learned a lot during my Placement in Sundial House. To highlight a few things, I definitely have a much better understanding of low-threshold Services and the harm reduction method. I also have a better understanding of the whole Homelessness- Issue in Dublin/Ireland as the Volunteer Coordinator included me in some parts of the EVS- Training. I’ve also learned a lot about challenging Behaviour and how to deal with it.

Generally it helped me to find out in what direction I want my career to lead to and in which work sector I want to work in.

I’ve got to know Depaul as a great Organisation with many different and good Services and I am very glad that I had the Chance to work in Sundial for 4 months. It was a very important experience for me and I’ve learned a lot for my career, but also personally. With a placement in Sundial you actually have the chance to have a positive impact on the Service User’s well-being and to get to know People with stories that have learned to fight."


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