The bombs are falling.

Their hearts are broken.

And now they’re facing starvation too…


Depaul has local charities across the world. In Ukraine, we’ve been leading a network of homeless services across the country for 15 years.

Now, our local staff on the ground need your help to fight hunger as well as homelessness.

Inside war-torn Ukraine, there is a food crisis. The United Nations have sounded the alarm. Starvation and malnutrition are as great a threat as the missiles. No one is safe, but babies, children, and the elderly are in the most danger.

To help feed people…Depaul is repurposing services on the ground in Ukraine. There are queues around the block at our local food distribution points. That’s where we need your help…

Will you give your most generous gift right now to protect the people of Ukraine from starvation?




The people of Ukraine are counting on caring and compassionate people like you who refuse to close your eyes to their plight, even from hundreds of miles away.


People are starving.

There is no time to lose.

Please send your hunger-fighting gift now.




How You Can Help People on the Ground in Ukraine:

Roughly ¼ of Ukrainians have been displaced, many losing everything to the war. Many have fled to other countries, but most remain in Ukraine.

In cities and neighbourhoods that have been bombed like Bucha, Irpin, Kharkiv, and Kyiv, Depaul shelters are operational and providing housing and food for homeless and displaced people.

Most charities have now pulled out of Ukraine, but not Depaul.

We remain one of the only charities on the ground – our brave staff and volunteers remaining, even while the country is under siege. Please will you give today and show them you stand with them?

How You Can Help Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland:

In giving today, you can also show your caring heart to Ukrainian refugees who have sought safety right here in Ireland by helping to provide with basic supplies like —

Clothes and toiletries.

Practical supports like travel cards and phone credit.

Household items like bedding and towels.

Children and baby care packages – nappies, feeding equipment, toys, pyjamas.

And Educational items like books, uniforms and school supplies.

After experiencing the trauma of war, having the simple comforts of home can be like a balm… bringing peace.


Will you take our hand and join with caring people across the world in this great effort to support these brave people?


Your gift right now, no matter how big or small, could mean the difference between life or death for these good people.





“Depaul are on the ground in Ukraine. They’ve local connections there. So they are very effective at getting supplies straight to where they’re needed. This work is really important, but they need your help to do it.”  Professor Luke O’Neill, Depaul Ambassador

A small proportion of the money we raise is spent on fundraising and running costs and the rest goes to work on the ground in Ukraine, those who are delivering aid into Ukraine alongside work supporting Ukrainian refugees in Ireland.


On the streets in Ukraine, a Depaul aid worker provides soup for those affected by war
Your help is urgently needed


On the ground in Ukraine – 

You can make sure our war weary neighbours don’t have to worry about malnutrition or starvation as Depaul stands in the gap for the brave people in Ukraine.


In the heart of Ireland – 

In giving today, you help to provide basic supplies to Ukrainian refugees seeking safety right here in Ireland – books and school uniforms, clothes and toiletries. You ease a burden, and help a family start anew.