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Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

ESC Volunteers

WHAT IS European Solidarity Corps?

The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that bebefit communities and people around Europe. European Solidarity Corps projects will be available to people up to the age of 30 years old.

Depaul Ireland has been hosting and coordinating volunteers through the European Volunatry Service, and now the European Solidarity Corps, since 2004. Volunteers lead social activities, games, classes and lots more in our services. They bring life and fun in to our services and really enrich the lives of our Service Users. They also share their own culture and language, while living in Dublin and also learn all about Irleand and the people there.

We are currently recruiting for ESC volunteers for our Dublin services. Volunteering placements will be from September 2019 until August 2020. The deadline for applying is February 1st and the application from can be found at the very bottom of this page. 

Please see our list of ECS Frequently Asked Questions for more information about completing your ESC volunteering with Depaul, or visit the European Youth Portal to find out about other opportunites and to sign up. 


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We operate this programme with thanks to funding from our partners.



Hear from our past European Solidarity Corps volunteers!

Northern Ireland - ESC Volunteer Story - Sanita Pušpure

This is a story from an ex volunteer Sanita Pušpure from Latvia who undertook her ESC in Stella Maris from 2008- 2009...

Doing ESC in Stella Maris, Belfast, was a way to test myself and my readiness to work in the field - with real people and real problems, accepting and understanding them, as Depaul Ireland states "where they are at". Since I left Stella Maris 6 years ago, I went on to do a professional degree in Copenhagen and Riga, which involved a 7 month internship in Dublin, where I got to know another wonderful Depaul project; Sundial House.

I have collected some experience working at the social care unit of a hospital, supporting Roma children during after classes, as well as being involved in the train station mission of Cologne, Germany, working with homeless among other groups of people in need. Although it has been a good while since I left Belfast, whenever I need to think of the best experiences I had and explain people about my dream job, it always comes back to Stella Maris. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Photos below: Sanita Pušpure.


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