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Castlehill, Dungannon 2 hours per week

Gardeners / DIY Enthusiast

We are looking for volunteers who can help to make our garden space in Castlehill, Dungannon more beneficial to our residents. If you can build plant pots, paint and garden we would appreciate your help. All tools and materials will be provided. Volunteers are required immediately as this project is due to start.

Depaul is a charity supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


DEPAUL’S VISION is of a society in which everyone, across the world, has a place to call home and a stake in their community.

DEPAUL’S MISSION is to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it.

We believe that we cannot achieve our vision & mission without the active involvement of volunteers in our work. Volunteering with Depaul will give you an opportunity to work with an organisation that underpins its work in the following values:


  • We celebrate the potential in people
  • We put our words into action
  • We aim to take a wider role in civil society
  • We believe in rights and responsibilities

Depaul will give you a unique opportunity to experience our work and what a values lead organisation means. As a volunteer you will experience first-hand our approach to the issue of homelessness and how we work with and value those affected by it.

Volunteer Skills/Activities

A volunteer’s role can be flexible depending on your specific interests and abilities, though there are some basic skills that are needed in most all volunteer roles with Depaul.

General Skills:                                                                                      

−     Volunteers should be empathetic, non-judgemental, patient, flexible, and supportive toward others.

−     Volunteers should be able to engage and motivate individuals who may be apathetic in a gentle manner.

Role Specific Skills:

−     Confident in facilitating and leading group or individual activities i.e promoting healthy eating via breakfast club / brunch days, support with daily tasks where necessary as this can vary depending on the service user group and accompanying service users to appointments etc

−     Confident in facilitating befriending, language support or games i.e bingo, competitions etc.

Volunteer Main Tasks

The Volunteers’ first task is to spend time getting to know the service users and the Service. Service users can be difficult to engage in activities for a variety of reasons and we ask that volunteers take a patient and flexible approach.

  1. To facilitate outlined activities as above.
  2. To provide motivation and structure to visits outside of the service or through social activities as stated above.
  3. To maintain open communication with staff using localised communications protocols (Handover/De-brief).
  4. To ensure that required paperwork (Volunteer Activity Recording/Risk Assessment, as necessary) is completed and that any issues that arise are discussed with the Service volunteer liaison/manager.
  5. To observe Depaul Health & Safety Procedures, in particular a regular review of activity risk assessments.
  6. To observe clear professional boundaries in interactions with the service users we work with.
  7. To respond to difficult situations appropriately, as guided by the staff team.
  8. To respect service users’ right to confidentiality in our relationship with them as per the Depaul Confidentiality Policy and Code of Practice.
  9. To be familiar with the Depaul Lone Working Policy, the Depaul Volunteer Handbook and the Depaul Volunteer Agreement and to work within the principles outlined in these documents.
  10. To promote respect, diversity and equal opportunity in all Depaul Services.
  11. To be able to volunteer as part of a team.
  12. To attend a quarterly volunteer meeting to give feedback on your volunteering experience and development (optional).
  13. To commit to volunteering once a week for 12 months (unless otherwise agreed).
Benefits to the Volunteer

Volunteers receive an induction and information sessions on a range of topics relating to their role. We hope that through their volunteering experience, the volunteer will gain an understanding of the issues faced by homeless people and the ways in which Depaul work to support them.

  • Volunteers will be offered reimbursement of local travel expenses within the maximum limits currently in force within Depaul. All agreed expenses incurred as a necessary part of the Volunteer’s activities will be reimbursed in full.
  • Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend individual and/or group supervision meetings (where appropriate) where they will be provided with support and feedback in order to progress, discuss future role development and raise any ideas or concerns.
  • Depaul appreciates the valuable contribution our volunteers bring to the organisation and make regular efforts to recognise and celebrate them.
  • Volunteers will get out what they chose to put into the experience. Volunteers will be given an opportunity to expand their views and understandings, having the opportunity to meet and get to know many kind individuals, both Service Users and staff.
Equal Opportunities

Depaul strives to create a diverse and inclusive volunteer programme and is committed to ensuring equality of access to our volunteer opportunities and equality of treatment for our volunteers in all our policies and practices. We welcome applications from volunteers aged 18 and over from a diverse range of backgrounds.


We kindly request no contact from recruitment or media agencies. Download application form
Location Dungannon Hours Part Time
By Donating
Could provide soup and shelter to a homeless person for one night.
Could provide soup and shelter to a homeless person for two nights.
Could bring comfort for five nights of soup and shelter to one person.
Could provide soup and shelter, a hot shower and clean clothes for a night.
Could provide soup and shelter, a hot shower and clean clothes for three nights.
Could provide soup and shelter, a hot shower and clean clothes for five nights.