Staff Fundraising Events

We encourage you and your colleagues to engage in your own fundraising activities. Whether it is a bake sale, pub quiz or gala ball there are so many ways you can fundraise for Depaul. To support your staff in their fundraising efforts, your company can offer to match their donations. We will support you every step of the way.

Team Challenges

Bring your team closer together with a fun team building challenge. We have a wealth of team building ideas that provide easy and cost effective ways to raise money. Your company will benefit from a more productive, efficient, motivated and happy team whilst helping us improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Volunteering Opportunities

Corporate volunteering is a great way to engage employees, build teams and meet corporate social responsibility targets. As well as supporting Depaul homeless service users, employee volunteering offers you the opportunity to increase employee retention, improve job satisfaction, motivation, and in turn improve productivity.

Skill Sharing Opportunities

Depaul is looking for individuals, companies and groups to share their skills, talent and expertise with us. Skill Sharing can be used to support people accessing Depaul Services with external training and development opportunities (computer classes, interview skills training and dressing for interviews etc.) but can also be a cost saving initiative so that companies supporting Depaul can give us access to skilled areas that we might need for training up staff or for when working on new projects internally.

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