Depaul’s Scrabble Challenge is a great way to keep your mind sharp, have some healthy competition and raise vital funds for some of the most vulnerable people in our society experiencing homelessness.

Set a Scrabble Challenge for your employees. There is no official start date and you can begin your week-long Scrabble Challenge anytime.

What is involved/what do we need to do?
  • Choose your preferred week to hold a Scrabble Tournament.
  • Spread the word to gain support! We will send you a poster to share with your colleagues to encourage maximum engagement.
  • Set up a Just Giving page and link it to Depaul’s Scrabble Challenge campaign. For ROI click HERE and for NI click HERE.
  • Ask each participant to donate to your Just Giving page to register, download the ‘Words with Friends‘ app, set up their profile and register their username on your online form.
  • Each participant plays four games against other employees and after completing each game players should submit their total game scores (win or lose), longest words and highest scoring words using your online form.
  • You can choose to create teams to increase the competition between departments.
  • Use social media to encourage and engage your teams and ask all participants to share their progress and photos.
  • Complete the Scrabble Challenge over 7 days.
  • Players are encouraged to submit photos of themselves and their game boards.
  • All games must be completed and scores reported by the agreed date.
  • Organise a prize-giving for the winners of each category and individual or team who has raised the most funds for Depaul.
  • Contact Kyela on 086 033 0887 or for more information.

    Get started and set up your Just Giving page now!