People flocked to Irish waters in 2021 and into 2022 the trend continues. It’s not just to the coast either, but also rivers, lakes, canals, reservoirs! Rediscover the natural blue spaces around you with some open water swimming this year! Or, guidelines permitting, jump in your local pool.


Step 1: Decide what you’d like to do. As a novice you could learn to swim and make a goal for yourself to swim a mile, more experienced swimmers could take part in competitions in the great outdoors, check out Swim Ireland if you’re in the Republic of Ireland or Swim Ulster for information on everything from the various disciplines to the calendar of events.

Step 2: Register your event with Depaul by setting up your fundraising page on JustGiving. You will also be contacted by your dedicated Depaul team member who will support you every step of the way

If you are in the Republic of Ireland register here

If you are in Northern Ireland register here

Step 3: Shout about it! Post updates, let your supporters know how much you’re pushing yourself! Connect your fundraising page to the Strava activity tracker app to automatically post your achievements, here’s how to do this! You will be sending a strong message to your community that homelessness is unacceptable and that you want to do something practical about it.

Whatever you decide to do, please keep safe and follow current Covid-19 guidelines.