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At almost 70-years old, Noel became homeless. Then, when he’d been on the streets for only a few weeks, the pandemic hit. You can imagine how scary and disorientating it was for poor Noel.   

“I was so worried Covid was going to get me,” says Noel. “I was thinking, if it catches me, it’ll kill me.”


When Noel turned to Depaul, he felt the warmth of your kindness for the first time.


“Knowing someone cared, it helped me to have hope,” says Noel. “It made me think… I can get through this.”

Home sweet home

Noel is one of the more than 500 people you’ve helped escape the heartache of homelessness since the pandemic began.


If you could only talk to him, you would hear for yourself the gratitude in his voice…

 “I feel so much safer here,” he says. “I wake up in the morning, and I say… thank you.”


“I’ll never forget how you changed my life.”

— Noel


Noel is forever grateful to you for walking beside him all the way home. But he’s worried about the winter… whether or not he’ll be able to cope with the bills.


Could you help keep someone like Noel

warm this winter without the worry?



Your €35 gift can help cover the cost of a warm winter coat.

Your precious €50 gift could pay for some sturdy waterproof boots.

Your kind €75 gift could send a warm duvet, a set of pillows and bed linen to someone like Noel.

And a generous gift of €100 could help provide for an electricity top-up card and keep someone like Noel warm this winter.


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Your kind gift will support all of Depaul’s work to help the homeless and people at risk of homelessness across ROI and NI. Thank you.