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Most of us take them for granted. But when you’re homeless, you don’t have that luxury.

Around 70% of the people who come through Depaul’s doors have painful wounds and infections to their feet and lower legs.

“It can get so bad that your feet turn black.

You can lose your toes…”

—   Nurse Ruth, Depaul


Ruth says that every year, as the weather starts getting wetter, she starts to see lots of people with severe wounds and sores.


“I see lots of ‘trench foot’ this time of the year. Essentially your skin is rotting,” says Ruth. “Without Depaul, I’m not sure where they would go.”


      Wet Weather Wish-List…

As the nights grow colder and darker and wetter, will you bring profound comfort to someone who has no place in this world to call home?


‘Wet Weather Kit’, with clean, dry socks, vests and underwear – €22 (each)

Warm winter coat – €35

Sturdy waterproof boots – €50


YES, I’ll bring dignity and humanity to someone who is homeless and hurting >>


Dignity, humanity, compassion, relief… these are the precious, life-changing gifts you can give. Thank you for caring for Ireland’s most vulnerable homeless people.


Your kind gift will support all of Depaul’s work to help the homeless, and people at risk of homelessness across ROI and NI. Thank you.