Depaul Diaries Spring Edition


Find out how your kindness brought Ciaran in from the bitter, biting cold this winter 🡪 

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In this issue…

Ciaran well remembers his first night on the street, “I was terrified,” he tells us. 

He’s only young, not too long out of his teens. And it was just coming into winter…

“I’d be up walking the streets to keep warm. But the next day, you’re exhausted and freezing. You just can’t get warm.” 


But because of you — your compassion, your consideration and concern for people forgotten on our streets — Ciaran came in from the cold this winter. 

But for your kindness, Ciaran may still be sleeping on the street.

Please, will you help give someone else the same comfort

 and relief, and a way out of homelessness this spring?


YES, I’ll send help to someone like Ciaran tonight >> 

You can hear Ciaran’s eternal gratitude for you kindness, and more ways your generosity is working to help Ireland’s homeless, in your Depaul Diaries here: Depaul Diaries April 2024  

Thank you for giving if you can, and for keeping a special spot in your kind heart for Ireland’s most marginalised people.