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“You wouldn’t believe the power of something as simple as a cup of tea and a biscuit,” says Mark, Depaul’s head chef at Ozanam House homeless hostel in Wexford.

Feeding hungry, homeless people is one of the most fundamental parts of the good work you power here at Depaul.

In this issue of Depaul Diaries, Chef Mark wants you to see the very real difference your kindness makes in the lives of the homeless people he serves.


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“A lot of the homeless people who walk through these doors haven’t eaten properly in months.”— Chef Mark

But your kindness provides so more than a meal. Because Depaul is somewhere help, hope, and humanity can always be found.

Mark remembers one older man he hadn’t seen before. “He came up to me after dinner and said ‘thank you for talking to me like I’m a real person.’ I couldn’t believe that. Just being able to sit down to have a meal and a chat… it meant the world to him.”


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empty bellies every day? (Please say… ‘Yes, Chef!’)

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