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From Homeless to Head Coach…

When Louise and her young family lost their home, it was the lowest she’d ever felt in her life. 


“The reality of what was happening 

hit me like a ton of bricks — we’re homeless… 

… you feel like a failure.” 



Louise’s story is by no means unique.

Right now, our struggling family services are stretched like never before as the compounding cost of living crisis, a shortage of housing, sky-high rents and increasing numbers of evictions push ever more people and families into homelessness. 


It’s been a long and rocky road, but your kindness has been there with Louise every step of the way home. And she’s forever grateful to you.



Could you help a family like Louise’s move on 

from homelessness with all the basics they need?


Move on kit con



From coat hangers to cutlery… for someone who has nothing, your kindness means everything!

From the moment someone like Louise sets foot inside the warmth of a Depaul homeless hostel… to the moment her new front door swings open… your kindness is there. 


Today, you can send someone home with everything they need for a fresh start… 


€35 from you can top-up the electric meter.

Your €100 gift can fill a kitchen with pots, pans, crockery and cutlery.

€300 of your generosity could provide an entire ‘Home-Start Kit’ (pictured).


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      Thank you for your compassion, and for giving what you can today.