Depaul comments on March homeless figures

 Decrease welcome but Covid crisis presents new challenges

Thursday, 30th of April. Today saw the release of homeless figures from the Department of Housing for the month of March showing an decrease in the number of homeless people, now standing at 9,907, a decrease of 241 on the previous month.

The number of adults experiencing homelessness now stands at 6,552 (-62). Child homelessness and the number of families entering homelessness both dropped too. The number of children now stands at 3,355 (-179) with families standing at 1,488 (-122).

Depaul CEO David Carroll commented on the figures;

“We welcome the decrease in the number of people experiencing homelessness however, preparations need to begin now to protect people from homelessness once the Covid-19 crisis subsides and restrictions ease. Some of the vital measures put in place, such as rent freezes and a moratorium on evictions will need to remain for a longer period.

“With mass job losses and the likelihood of a recession a robust plan needs to be drawn up and implemented so we avoid a scenario where more people become homeless as a result of Covid-19. There have been many positives in terms of the response to those experiencing homelessness during this crisis however, things cannot go back to the way they were before.”


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