Imagine going from family home… to care home… to no home…. The care leavers we meet here in Depaul are homeless because they have nowhere to live, no one to turn to – no support network.

Once a care leaver become homeless, time is critical. Because we know from our decades of experience, that the longer a young person is homeless, the more likely it is that they will stay homeless.

Will you give €25 to protect a young person who has no place in this world to call home… from a lifetime on the streets?

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Ryan’s Story


When Ryan was 13, his Mum died. With no one to take him in, he ended up in care. And as soon as he turned 18, Ryan became homeless.

You’d instantly warm to Ryan. He’s a real chatterbox, and when he talks about how he’s trying to pull himself out of homelessness, he speaks with passion.

But when the subject turns to his childhood, you can see the pain in his deep brown eyes.

Ryan’s a middle child. He has a little brother and older sister. When their Mum died, they lost one another as well:

 “It still hurts. I’ll never understand why they

split us up – me, my little brother, and my

sister. We all had to deal with losing our Mum

and then losing each other all by ourselves… It tore my family apart.”


Will you help before its too late?

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In giving today your kindness will go so much further than a night or two in a hostel. You’ll be helping to end the cycle of poverty and despair and hopelessness that so many care-leavers find themselves stuck in… You’ll be helping a young person escape homelessness forever…


A safe place to stay

 Out of harm’s way and off the street, your kindness will give a young homeless person a safe and stable place to stay until they find their way home.


A specialist keyworker

 Your kindness provides an experienced advocate to guide Ryan through complex processes like housing applications. Someone to keep them motivated and to say – “Come on… I know you can do this.”


A way out of homelessness

Budgeting, paying bills, preparing for job interviews… you can give care leavers the life skills they’ve missed out on.


Please act now.

It’s critical to help young people out of homelessness within the first few months.

Because once you’re stuck in that cycle, it can be near impossible to pull yourself out.

Please, will you protect a young homeless person who has no one at all in this world?

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Thank you for being the kind and caring person you are, and for keeping a place for the homeless in your warm heart.