Crippling anxiety, depression, grief, self-harm, and even thoughts of suicide are plaguing homeless people who feel more alone than ever during the pandemic…

One homeless man in our care, I’ll call him Pat, lost his mother to covid.

If you’ve ever felt the raw pain of grief, you can understand how Pat is feeling right now, alone in his room.

It is for people like Pat, homeless and heartsick during this pandemic, that I need your help now…

Please, will you give now and help fund a whole year of

specialist care from a trained mental health nurse?

[Yes! I’ll send help > ]

Many of the homeless we’re looking after with your help here at Depaul have few family supports. Some have no family at all. Many grew up in care.

With so many homeless people struggling with self-harm and thoughts of suicide right now, your gift today will save lives.

Please, will you give an emergency gift to help bring

a caring mental health nurse to Depaul?

          [My Life-Saving Gift of Care and Comfort > ]

Thank you for being the kind and caring person you are, and for keeping a place for the homeless in your warm heart.