Urgent Christmas Dinner Appeal:
For those experiencing homelessness, Christmas day can be an overwhelming 24 hours of heartache…

That’s why we at Depaul are reaching out to compassionate souls like you, asking for your help to ease the burden of Christmas Day for homeless men, Women, and Children this year.

This festive season, our dedicated chefs, led by Chef Shay, urgently need your support to prepare and serve around 1,000 Christmas dinners with all the trimmings.

Your donation will provide a nourishing meal, with plenty of leftovers for comforting turkey and stuffing sandwiches.

Will you extend your generosity and donate Christmas dinner for 2, 3, or even 5 homeless individuals?

Yes! I’ll Donate A Christmas Dinner >>>
We’re helping the most fragile and marginalised lives across all of Ireland…

Meet Peter, who, at times, goes weeks without interacting with another living soul…

Individuals like him have no other place to turn on Christmas day, feeling more alone during this time than any other day of the year.

Will you take a moment to contribute a Christmas dinner (or two!) and provide warmth and care to someone homeless on the loneliest day of the year?

Yes! I’ll Donate A Christmas Dinner >>>

Thank you for your kindness and care. Your generosity ensures that homeless individuals are not forgotten this Christmas.