Christmas 2022 – A Generation Lost To Homelessness

This Christmas, more than 11,397 people across Ireland and Northern Ireland are spending Christmas in temporary accommodation.

This year, 3,480 children will be ‘officially’ homeless this Christmas. Care leavers will be turning 18, and becoming homeless over the Christmas period. Babies will be born into homelessness this Christmas.


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Not just a number

Jodie, 21, is a Depaul Service User


Jodie, 21, has been living in Peter’s Place for a year. She has been homeless since she was 14 and has spent many nights sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin.

Jodie is being supported by Depaul’s Peter’s Place and says, “For the first time in my life it feels like a safe place.”  

Jodie is distressed about the amount of young people who are becoming homeless. Because she knows from experience how difficult it can be.

“The homeless people seem to be getting younger. The ages are dropping. There’s so many terrible things on the street that they can turn to.”

– Jodie, 21, Depaul Service User

More than anything she wants people to know that behind each number there is a person with their own story.

“I think more focus needs to be put on the homeless crisis in the first place. Not a lot of people realise how bad it is. They just see people living on the street, and they don’t see the reality of people living in these circumstances. If more people saw this, more people would have sympathy for towards the people that are suffering.”

“Every homeless person you see. Remember, they’re not a number, they’re a human being. And they’re not a victim, they’re a survivor.”

– Jodie, 21, Depaul Service User

Hope for the future

Depaul exists to prevent vulnerable people from entering homelessness, to help those who are homeless, and to help people move on as quickly as possible to move into a home of their own.

Your support helps people in homelessness to be seen, to be heard, to be loved – to know they’re #NotJustANumber.


How to help at Christmas

We rely significantly on your support to help people out of homelessness and prevent thousands more from becoming homeless.

Appeal donations will help fund our food and shelter response during the colder winter months. 

Can you find it in your heart to donate to Depaul’s Christmas Appeal to help someone who is homeless and alone, feel safe and warm?

Your help will give shelter and safety.

With your help Depaul can support someone to make positive changes in their life into the New Year, and to find a home of their own.

Most of all, when you give today, you say – I’m here, I care.  

Please give if you can — as generously as you feel able to right now — and you can make someone who is homeless and lonely feel loved this Christmas.


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Every donation will help us directly support children and their families and individuals who are homeless this Christmas

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