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Community Befriending | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Community Befriending

“The best thing for me about the befriending programme is that it’s nice to meet others and do something different, like going somewhere you haven’t been before”

The Community Befriending Programme is an informal and social service supporting men moving out of Depaul’s services and into private rented, local authority or supported accommodation. The Community Befriending Team want to prevent the return to homelessness.

The volunteers from the Befriending Programme support the men so they do not become homeless again.

The Aims of the Community Befriending Programme are:

  • To ease the change from supported accommodation to independent living;
  • To help minimise the risk of returning to homelessness;
  • To reduce isolation by encouraging social interaction;
  • To provide information on appropriate services in the community;
  • To provide a contact point back to Depaul.

The Community Befriending volunteers offer informal social support. It may be One-to-One weekly meet-ups, monthly group social activities such as boat trips, day trips, visiting local amenities, exhibitions, festivals etc., Social Committee Meetings or Community support. Where volunteers assists each of the men to familiarise themselves with their local community and social outlets – paying particular attention to training and return-to-work programmes.

Referrals for this service are currently only taken from residents within Depaul’s Back Lane Hostel.

“I always look at befriending as a way of not being locked up in my own head. There’s an enjoyment in meeting people, clearing all the problems of everyday life and going on adventures with your friends”

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