At the forefront of Depaul’s work and progress is a values base shared across the group. The Vision, Mission and Values guide our everyday work, how we work, why we do the work we do, how we work to see the potential in people and in our day to day decision making. The core values have been developed from the work of St. Vincent De Paul himself but Depaul is a nondenominational charity. This means we work with people of all faiths and none at all.

Depaul endeavours as part of this 400 year tradition to work with the most disadvantaged people who really need our help and support. Making sure that our work and service is addressing the needs of people who would otherwise be excluded or often turned away. What matters most is what we do and how we do it and that we strive to give the best quality service to the people who need our help.

We hope this booklet will help you to understand the Vision, Mission and Values of the organisation and how they shape the work of Depaul.

You can download Depaul’s Vision, Mission, Values booklet here.