“Preventing homelessness is key to the work done by Depaul’s community services and this is definitely the focus of the Ballymun Case Management Team”

Depaul’s community based service based in Ballymun, Dublin aims to prevent homelessness and support people at risk of homelessness to maintain their home in the community.

Depaul’s Ballymun Case Management Team is a flexible support service for people and families in the Ballymun and surrounding area. We offer advice and support in a range of areas that can prove difficult to deal with alone.

The team take a case management approach, meaning we can support individuals and families with one issue or a number of issues. We assist people who are at risk of homelessness in getting the best support available and help to coordinate all of the advice and support they receive. As it can be difficult to know what to do and can cause more challenges for a person or family at risk of homelessness when they need practical advice and help.

Some of the areas we offer advice on include:
  • Help with staying in the current home – Taking time to mend broken relationships; address debts; develop and maintain a household budget; plan and cook nutritious meals for their families and learn to run a family home.
  • Assistance in finding new accommodation
  • Help accessing homeless services
  • Support to better manage drinking
  • Support accessing residential detox programmes
  • Support detoxing in the community
  • Assistance accessing mental health supports
  • Assistance accessing substance use supports
  • Help with legal issues and probation
  • Help with completing forms
  • Budgeting and debt advice
  • Advice on making a complaint or an appeal
  • Social welfare difficulties
  • Emotional support
  • Home visits
  • The support from the team is very flexible and can last for as long as the individual or family needs. The service is also flexible in that people can come back as many times as they need for support.

    The Ballymun Case Management Team is for anyone who lives in, or has strong ties to, the Ballymun area.



    Email: ballymun.lmt@depaulcharity.net 

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