“I stayed in so many places and then came here to Castlehill and basically they saved my life”

Opened in 2009 in partnership with Helm Housing (formerly BIH Housing Association), Castlehill is a supported temporary Accommodation service, based in Dungannon, with 22 self-catering apartments, including 6 apartments that are suitable for couples. The service also offers a range of communal areas that residents can access.

The service offers 24/7 support, for homeless people aged 18 and over. The professionally trained team work to low threshold and harm reduction principles, meaning they support people in a flexible way that they can manage and offering them every assistance to plan and make more positive choices for their future.

During each person’s stay in Castlehill, the staff help in finding suitable long-term accommodation. Offering them the time and space to address the issues that led to their homelessness. Taking time to mend broken relationships, address debts, develop and maintain a household budget, plan and cook nutritious meals and learn to again run a home.

Unlike other Depaul services, Castlehill do not specialise in one particular support area. In meeting the needs in the area, Castlehill have adapted and learned to provide support to people who have a variety of support needs, all while giving them the respect and dignity they deserve.

“To be thought of and know that someone actually loved you in life, and the people here in Depaul really do”.


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