“At Depaul we aim to be inclusive and that means accepting each person where they are at when they come to us, this gives a great platform to make change and accept the help that is available”

Peter’s Place became part of Depaul’s services in 2013 and was formerly managed by the YMCA. Peter’s Place offers 35 accommodation places for young people experiencing homelessness.

The service is a short term project for a six month basis, for single young men and women experiencing homelessness.

Each en-suite room also provides residents with a small kitchenette. The service has access to a variety of communal areas and laundry facilities.

During their stay, all residents are appointed a keyworker to ensure they can access all the services they require and receive the appropriate support to move on and out of homelessness.

Together the young person and their keyworker develop an individualised support plan that often covers areas such as life skills, budgeting, welfare entitlements, relationship work, education, employment and health support. Taking the time to learn to manage their own day-to-day independent living within the service is so important in equipping each young person with the skills needed for a positive move on.

There is a strong focus on resettlement and finding long-term suitable accommodation so they can move out of homelessness and into local communities.


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