“It is so important for us at Depaul that people are given every opportunity to move out of and away from homelessness”

Depaul’s Resettlement Support Service is a specialist support service available to all current residents of Depaul’s services in Dublin. The team works really hard and in a challenging housing market to support individuals and families in Depaul’s services to move out of homeless accommodation and into suitable long-term accommodation.

The service is focused on those whose resettlement needs require a higher level of support than their keyworker or support worker can provide.

Type of support provided:

  • A support worker dedicated solely to assisting to source accommodation.
  • Daily property searches.
  • Preparation for property viewings.
  • Accompaniment to property viewings.
  • Support with complicated resettlement problems.
  • Help with application forms.
  • Advocacy to local authorities and housing providers.
  • Development of post-resettlement supports.

Referrals for Depaul’s Resettlement Support Service come internally from Depaul’s Dublin based services as the need for resettlement support service arises.

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