Press Release 05.09.2017 | Depaulcharity

Press Release 05.09.2017 | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Press Release 05.09.2017

September 5th, 2017

Depaul calls for adequate housing supply to facilitate move-ons from homeless services

Homelessness charity launches Annual Report with figures mirroring increased family homelessness and a continued need for emergency accommodation

Tuesday, 5th September. Homelessness charity Depaul today released its 2016 Annual Report detailing a number of key trends in the fight against homelessness. The report was launched among staff and volunteers in Little Britain Street, a 65 bed emergency hostel opened by the charity in 2016.

In 2016, Depaul…

  • Supported 3,620 people that are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Saw a reduction in the number of people coming through the organisation’s services due to a lack in move on options
  • Opened Little Britain Street, a new 65 bed emergency accommodation in response to the continued need for emergency services among single adults
  • Experienced a 10% increase in the number of families seen across services in NI and ROI
  • Undertook a Housing First Street to Home service in Northern Ireland, working with the most marginalised to get them directly from the streets into their own homes
  • Opened Suaimhneas, a new 7 bed accommodation service for women leaving detox programmes

In 2016, the total number of homeless women, men and families to go through Depaul services went down by approximately 13% year on year as people had little to no opportunity in the private rental market or through social housing to move on from services.

While some of those in Depaul services have been engaged with, supported and aided to a point where they are capable of more independent living, they cannot move on- this stagnation has a knock on effect as beds do not become available for other vulnerable people. With an excruciating lack of affordable housing, Depaul calls on policymakers to re-commit and strengthen resolve to build and provide adequate housing options.

The charity provided 497 beds every night to the most vulnerable in society in 2016, 106 of which being emergency beds. Single men and women are still the largest cohort of homeless people in need of the organisations services. Depaul opened Little Britain Street a new 65 bed emergency service to meet demand and continues to see growing numbers in need of one-night only accommodation with the rough sleeper counts for Dublin (CSO Census 2016) showing 102 on the streets of the capital at night.

Depaul’s 2016 figures also reflect the epidemic of homeless families, with a 10% increase in the number of families seen in services across NI and ROI. Depaul supported 511 children through our services over the course of the year, with 18 babies being born into homelessness.

Kerry Anthony, CEO of Depaul Ireland commented;

“It is central to the values of Depaul to respond to the homeless crisis by providing the most vulnerable people in society with the services they need most. Over recent years we have been adapting the organisation and changing to meet the continuing need for emergency accommodation, the crisis is worsening and people that would never have needed our services before are now coming to our door.”

Kerry went on to say;

“In 2016, Depaul provided 12,122 link in sessions with our service users, an increase from the 9,500 we provided just two years ago in 2014. We have made significant strides to put the supports in place for people to move on from homelessness, to lead more independent and secure lives, but people have nowhere to go in a stressed rental market with an inadequate social housing stock.”


  Notes to Editor

  • Depaul service users in 2016 included a total of 3,109 adults and 330 families with 511 children.
  • In 2016 Depaul helped 203 people successfully move on from our services to somewhere more suitable, provided 12,122 support sessions to vulnerable homeless people and had 2,188 visits to its in-house nursing team.
  • 569 volunteers gave their time to the organisation over 2016.
  • Depaul employed 403 members of staff during 2016.
  • Depaul is a charity working in homelessness and homelessness prevention in ROI and NI, providing services in emergency hostels, supported temporary accommodation, family services, floating support, community outreach, detox and rehabilitation, transitionary, specialised services for young people and low threshold hostels for entrenched drug and alcohol addicts and street drinkers.

For further reference contact:

Sinéad Healy, Depaul Media Communications Officer
t. +35314537111 | m. +35386 3832198

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