‘I love living here, I have support for me and my daughter and finally feel some stability. I feel I am getting the help I need to prepare to move on and live independantly through work I have done with my keyworker especially around budgeting’

Depaul’s Coverhill service was opened in West Belfast in 2008 following on from the success of our Mater Dei service in North Belfast. Depaul felt well equipped to open a new service in an area of great need for vulnerable families.

Cloverhill offers 18 self-contained apartments with their own bathroom, living/dining room and separate kitchen. There are also communal spaces: two lounges; large indoor and outdoor play areas; a laundry room and an arts and crafts room all available to the families to help in their development and move-on from homelessness.

Once living in Cloverhill, each family has a dedicated key worker who, together with the family, identify the areas of need for them. A support plan can cover many areas but the focus is always to get the family moved to permanent accommodation of their choice as quickly as is possible.

Cloverhill offers families the time and space to address the issues that lead to their homelessness. Depaul’s dedicated child support worker also works with children in Cloverhill, setting aside one-to-one time for those children who are struggling to come to terms with great upheaval that homelessness has in their lives.

Providing a warm and welcoming culture is at the centre of Depaul’s service provision and at no time is it more important than when welcoming small children into strange surroundings at a difficult and scary time in their lives.


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