Barry had long lost hope of a better life. 20 years on the streets will do that to you.

But seeing the little room he’d call ‘home’, at least until the threat of coronavirus had passed, he began to cry silent, unstoppable tears of joy… relief… and the faintest glimmer of fresh hope.

Please… will you help stop people like Barry

from ending up back on the streets?

[ Yes, I’ll stand with Depaul> ]

People like Barry have been brought in from the streets for the first time in decades. And in all its misery, coronavirus has given us a critical window of opportunity to keep things that way.

But there will come a day, all too soon, when the emergency homeless cocooning centres are no longer ‘needed’. And when that day comes, Barry and so many other still-fragile souls could be turned back out to the streets. 

Please… will you give now and help someone like Barry

into the home he didn’t even dare dream of until now?


[Yes! I’ll help Barry and others home > ]

Now is a critical moment in the fight against homelessness.

Thank you for giving what you can.