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In this issue…

Your love lights the way home for John.

Until only weeks ago, John thought he’d never again wake up feeling safe and warm in a place of his own. 

It’s hard for you to hold onto hope when you’ve been homeless for a decade and a half. 

But now John is here with a grateful heart to tell you it’s never too late for your kindness to make all the difference in the world…


Also in this issue… 

Tom’s mother died in his early teens. Like so many homeless young people who make their way here, Tom spent many years in the care system. 

Thanks to caring hearts like you, Depaul can catch young people like him before they fall too deep into the cracks of our society. 

Tom’s forever grateful for thoughtful friends like you who cared enough to help him through the toughest of times. 


Welcome-Home Boxes

Right now, all of Tom’s worldly possessions could fill a single bag. 

And you could help a young person like Tom, who has a chance to escape homelessness, with the basics.

Will you help? 


€35 can provide for a duvet, pillows and bedding set.


€75 could fill a box with a kettle, toaster, kitchenware and towels.


€150 could send Tom a full ‘Welcome-Home Kit’, plus an electricity top-up card.


YES, I’ll send Tom a ‘Welcome-Home Box’  


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Your kind gift will support all of Depaul’s work to help the homeless, and people at risk of homelessness across ROI and NI. Thank you.