Imagine if your home — the one place you should feel safest — is where the danger lives. What then?

Every year, women across the island of Ireland are forced to make themselves and their children homeless in order to escape abuse.

With a gift of €25, you could help provide a night of shelter and safety for a family fleeing a violent home.

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Fiona’s Story

Barely more than a child herself, Fiona arrived in Depaul during the first lockdown.

Hunched over and rail-thin, she looked like she’d perfected the art of making herself small and unthreatening.

In one arm she was carrying her tired little girl.

In the other, she was clutching all their earthly possessions in a single bag.


 And Fiona is afraid…

… afraid of what lies ahead.

… afraid her little girl might be taken away.

… and most of all, afraid he’ll find them.


Imagine you had to make the impossible choice between living in a state of constant fear… and homelessness.


Will you be a lifeline to someone like Fiona? Someone who is at this very moment trying to find the courage to leave her abuser?

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Your Life-saving Gift provides…


Shelter & Safety

Women and their little ones are placed in a safe little apartment of their own. A place they can finally feel safe after years, sometimes decades, of abuse. In Depaul they can start to rebuild their shattered lives.


Depaul Advocate

Every woman is assigned an individual key worker who will act as a guide and advocate in everything from seeking counselling to school placement.


Classes & Life Skills

One of the most common ways abusers control their partners is by isolating them from family and finances. Here, victims of abuse can take courses to help them regain financial independence.


A Home Without the Hurt

Navigating the complex housing application system can be daunting. But here, survivors of abuse are supported and coached every step of the way until a safe home is theirs.


Tomorrow, or the next day, maybe even a week from now, another mother will arrive on Depaul’s doorstep, eyes wide with fear.

Please… will you give today and provide for a night or two of shelter and safety for a family fleeing domestic violence?

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Thank you for being the kind and caring person you are, and for keeping a place for the homeless in your warm heart.