“ I walked up to Connolly station on Christmas morning. I thought I was going to jump on the tracks. 

You just think, what’s the point? No one cares…”


When you’re homeless, it doesn’t take long before you start to feel hopeless… worthless… just… less

And at Christmas, the sense of crushing loneliness can be unbearable. 

“You just think, what’s the point?” John told us. “No one cares…”


Please… will you give someone like John a present to open on Christmas Day, so he knows he is not forgotten… he is not forsaken… 

that you care. 


[Yes! I’ll send a gift to unwrap >]


Every €25 you can send has the power to put a present into the hands of someone who is homeless this Christmas

Some of the men and women here haven’t had a gift to open on Christmas Day for decades. 

And when you’ve felt so little love or hope in your life for such a long time, you can imagine how you’d receive even the most simple gift with the most heartfelt gratitude.


“Every person at Depaul wakes up with a present under their bed.  

For some, it’s the only present they’ve ever gotten. 

For some, it’s the only present they will ever get. 

It makes grown men weep.”

— Jim, Back Lane Hostel


Because in truth, it’s less about the physical gift — a new hat, a book, gloves and socks — and more about the profound gesture of human kindness that accompanies the gift. Because of the love imparted along with it…

…your love. From you to someone like John.

Please, will you send one, or two, or even more homeless people a gift that shows you’re thinking of them this Christmas? 


[Yes! I’ll send someone who is homeless and hurting a gift this Christmas >]


Don’t forget, every €25 you’re able to give has the power to put a present into the hands of someone who is homeless this Christmas. 

Thank you so much. It means the world to know you care.