Meet Patrick, and hear about the night that nearly broke him:

Most of us dread the sound of an alarm at four in the morning. Now, imagine being jolted awake at that hour, not by an alarm, but by rainwater seeping into your tent. Your bones are chilled to the core, and everything you own is drenched. This is not an isolated experience – it’s a bitter reality for many, including Patrick, who is nearing 70 years of age.

Patrick’s haunting account of a particularly brutal night says it all:

It’s horrific. One night, with a tent I’d managed to get, I bought a quilt. I hid the tent, embarrassed. But by 4 am, it was all soaked… The hopelessness is overwhelming.”

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It’s through the support of people like you that we can provide immediate relief. The soothing sip from a mug of hot tea, and the simple comfort of clean, dry socks become lifelines. I can’t begin to tell you the comfort a simple bowl of soup can bring. Like a warm hug in a bowl…

But, as the homeless crisis deepens in Ireland, the demand on our frontline services intensifies.

So, as the rain starts to fall and the chill is setting in, I ask: would you consider donating to support those in need? Your gift today will provide warm shelter, a nourishing meal, and a glimmer of hope for someone like Patrick…

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      Thank you for your compassion, and for giving what you can today.