Press Release 20.04.18 | Depaulcharity

Press Release 20.04.18 | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Press Release 20.04.18

April 20th, 2018

Depaul comments on significant reduction in number of rough sleepers

Homelessness charity welcomes reduction in number on streets but cautions that numbers in One Night Only accommodation still extremely high

Friday, 20th April 2018. Today saw the Dublin Region Homeless Executive release the Spring Rough Sleeper Count which shows a significant reduction in the number of people sleeping rough on Dublin’s streets; from 184 last November to 110 when the count was taken this March. This reduction in rough sleepers can be explained through the introduction of an additional 200 emergency hostel beds to the system.

Depaul welcomes this much needed reduction in rough sleeping numbers but cautions that any number of rough sleepers is too many and that more must be done for those trapped in the difficult situation of relying on One Night Only, ‘partial access’ accommodation, meaning that people need to leave in the morning at approx. 10 am and cannot return until approx. 6pm. While the number sleeping on Dublin’s streets has reduced, the number of single adults without child dependents struggling in emergency accommodation is at 3,621, according to February figures from the Department for Housing.

Depaul Director of Services and Development David Carroll commented on the latest Rough Sleeper Count;

“Much effort has been made by all parties over the winter to reduce and eliminate the need for individuals to sleep rough particularly during the severe weather events.  It became clear during recent snow events that any number of people sleeping rough is a risk to life and that partial access hostels are in no way acceptable during severe weather. Being out for an extended period of time without anywhere to go is difficult, especially for those with health difficulties, the elderly or pregnant women is difficult. In severe weather it is simply hazardous.

While the number of rough sleepers being reduced by more than 70 is undoubtedly good news, those that have been brought in from rough sleeping are now in emergency hostel accommodation. Depaul has 200 emergency hostel beds, these are partial access. During snow events these beds are opened 24 hours per day.  We continue to advocate, where possible, for partial access beds to be changed to 24 hour access Supported Temporary Stay 6 month beds so that vulnerable homeless people have a degree of security and support and not stay in homelessness for longer than necessary. We also advocate for greater consideration to be given to housing options for single homeless adults.”



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