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Real Doors of Dublin | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Real Doors of Dublin

The problem still persists, doorways filled with vulnerable people. This is the stark reality of homelessness on our streets today. Each 'rough sleeper count' since 2016 has found over 100 rough sleepers on Dublin's streets.

People sleeping in doorways is the familiar sight across our city. We walk past, a guilty glance, an apologetic nod, a whispered hello. We can do more.

John found himself sleeping rough after a relationship breakdown. "My drinking caused a lot of arguements, I would drink 16 to 18 cans a day when I was really bad. At first I didn't sleep in a tent I just slept out in the open."

One night while trying to keep warm, John burned his leg."I lit up an old catalogue to keep me warm and I fell asleep beside it and ended up burning my leg." With help from the rough sleeper teams John came to Depaul's Back Lane hostel.

It was there he met Depaul's health nurse Jess. "I was nervous as I had never been in a hostel before." With the right care and support John decided to go in to detox treatment.

"We talked about detox and I stuck to my word. Leaving Back Lane I was shaking, I didn't know what to expect." 

John spent a month in a detox centre. "The first week was tough, I just wanted to get off drink because I wanted my own door and a place where I could see my kids."

John came to Depaul in February of this year. Working with our health nurse Jess he has made huge strides and is now living alcohol free. He sees his kids regularly. "I'm doing great now. I just do my own thing. I'm not interested in drinking anymore.

"I'd love my own front door, my own key to come and go. I just have to be patient. I'm just taking it day by day and one step at a time".

Our 'Real Doors of Dublin' campaign aims to challenge the acceptance of this reality on our doors. That the general public do not become indifferent and to put homelessness back in the picture.

John is living proof that people can work their way out of homelessness. Nobody should see rough sleeping as an option, not even a last resort.



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