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Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Real Doors of Dublin

May 19th, 2019

Homeless Charity launch ‘Real Doors of Dublin’ Awareness Campaign

Depaul aim to keep the issue of rough sleeping and homelessness in the picture

Today, Monday 20th of May. Homeless charity Depaul have launched their ‘Real Doors of Dublin’ awareness campaign with the aim of keeping the issue of rough sleeping and homelessness to the forefront of people’s minds. Recent rough sleeper figures released for Dublin show there were a total of 128 people sleeping rough in Dublin. This coupled with a record number of 10,305 people homeless across Ireland.

Since 2016, when counts have taken place, there has consistently been over 100 people sleeping rough in Dublin. Counts are carried out bi-annually and are done over the course of an evening in to the early morning. They are broken in to a Spring and Winter count. The highest recording since counts began was in November 2017 when there was 184 people found to be sleeping rough in Dublin.

The campaign was done in collaboration with Bloom, a Dublin based creative agency, and looks to marry an iconic image of everyday Dublin life with the reality of homelessness. It aims to keep the issue of rough sleeping and homelessness very much in the publics conscious and to ensure people sleeping rough are not seen as an everyday part of life.

Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony says;

“With the problems in rough sleeping and homelessness continuing Depaul is urging people not to become indifferent to those who are rough sleeping or who are experiencing homelessness. We want to ensure that the general public continue to see homelessness as a huge societal issue and not just a part of everyday life.

“Rough sleeping has been a constant issue in Dublin over the last few years and has become an all too familiar sight. With that familiarity comes the risk of the issue being normalised, and the risk that the people will see rough sleepers as an everyday part of life. This cannot happen.

“We are urging the public to remain sympathetic to those who find themselves in such a vulnerable situation and to keep the issue of homelessness to the forefronts of their minds. The Georgian door is an iconic symbol of Dublin life however; we don’t want this to be the same of rough sleepers. Everybody can play their part and that is what we’d urge people to do.”

Depaul provide accommodation and health supports for people who have a history of rough sleeping. Depaul’s Sundial House service, the first of its kind, recently celebrated 10 years of existence. The service provides long term accommodation for people with a history of rough sleeping and who have entrenched alcohol addiction. This service offers a holistic, harm-reduction approach with each resident adhering to an alcohol management plan agreed with by an appointed keyworker.

The awareness campaign will run for two weeks and will feature across outdoor digital advertising and national newspapers.


A Depaul spokesperson is available for further comment on request.

For further reference contact:

Depaul Media Communications Officer Seán Ellis or 086 383 2198

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