Press Release 08.02.2018 | Depaulcharity

Press Release 08.02.2018 | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Press Release 08.02.2018

February 5th, 2018


Depaul Assertive Engagement moves nearly 600 homeless to more permanent accommodation


Homelessness charity programme for emergency accommodation service users successful in 2017


Thursday, 8th February 2018. Last year, homelessness charity Depaul’s Assertive Engagement programme helped nearly 600 homeless people that were using emergency, night time only hostels to move on to more permanent accommodation. The Assertive Engagement (AE) programme is unique to Depaul and ensures that people in ‘One Night Only’ accommodation are given support and guidance in moving on from this difficult situation.


Depaul currently operate two of the largest emergency hostels in the Dublin region with 200 emergency beds across the capitol, 112 are AE. Emergency one night only accommodation is ‘partial access’, meaning service users generally need to leave at 10 am and cannot return until 6 pm. It is by no means an ideal response to homelessness, but unfortunately, for many, it is the only option as the trend in single adults entering homelessness continues to increase. Depaul has implemented Assertive Engagement in its emergency hostels since 2015.


When a service user is put on the Assertive Engagement programme, they are assigned a project worker to aid them so that positive work can be done while staying in emergency accommodation. They are given a ‘rolling bed’, meaning that bed is guaranteed as long as they remain linked in with their project worker or until they move on to a more suitable accommodation. These link-ins provide the support and guidance in taking steps to move on, whether that be in becoming properly registered in the homeless system, applying for housing or HAP schemes, gaining access to professional treatment or just achieving a sense of stability.


The 593 positive move-ons from Depaul emergency hostels show that;

  • 419 moved on to Supported Temporary Accommodation (stable supported accommodation for at least 6 months)
  • 63 moved on to Temporary Emergency Accommodation (accommodation without specific supports, temporary and high threshold for those readying for permanent housing)
  • 47 moved on to Private Emergency Accommodation
  • 15 moved on through reunification with family
  • 16 moved into accommodation in the private rented sector
  • 24 moved on to access treatment, mostly professional drug or alcohol detox


Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony commented on the impact of Assertive Engagement;

“When a person is experiencing the cold face of homelessness in emergency accommodation, constantly consumed with where they will lay their head each night, it is difficult to make strides in getting through more than one day at a time. Assertive Engagement gives vulnerable homeless people the stability of a bed each night and a lifeline in moving on from the cycle of emergency hostels.


“Navigating the complexities of the homeless system is difficult, support is badly needed and that’s what AE provides. It shows a pathway out, even if it is a complex and flawed one. It is a way to make a long term impact in a hostel which is otherwise just a fix for one night”.



A Depaul spokesperson is available by request.

For further reference contact;

Depaul Media Officer Sinéad Healy      

01 453 7111, 086 383 2198

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